Something Real

The school festival was a success, with both the class booth and projects well attended. They even earned quite a bit of money for a class party at the end of the month. Most of his classmates had already gone to the school grounds for the school-designated after-party, but he had forgotten something in the classroom so he had to go back.

What he didn’t know was someone else was already there. It was Gigi Del Rosario, rearranging the desks and chairs back to their proper places. He even saw a broom and a filled dustpan at the corner.

He found himself standing at the door, just watching her. He had to admit she was pretty. Her short hair with red highlights was pulled back with a headband, her nose scrunched up as she lined up the desks. Her lips were a nice rose pink that curved sweetly. Most of all, she had slender fingers and a firm grip for hands.

This is part of the #LunaEast anthology project. Read more when Volume 1 comes out soon. Please see announcement here.