The Group Project

What is #LunaEast exactly?

It’s short for Luna East Arts Academy, a fictional Metro Manila high school that we’ve created as the setting for new YA fiction. Luna East is a co-ed non-sectarian private school, somewhere in the metro, a bit upscale but with a growing percentage of scholarship students. The school likes to focus on its arts education, but they have sports teams (Go, Wolves!), beauty pageants, and other things that private schools in the metro have.

Who are the #LunaEast writers?

Anyone! Everyone.

#LunaEast started with the participants of #romanceclass, members of the Yes I’m Writing A Contemporary Romance Novella Facebook group. There are about 100 of us, who joined the class to learn to write a romance novella (in my case, do the “teaching”), but now that the class is over we set up this project so we can contribute our YA short stories, novellas and art into a “universe” and have the other writers run with it.

But it is now open to anyone who would like to write a story and use #LunaEast as a setting. However, to be included in the paperback edition, the story must be reviewed by our continuity editors and might have to be revised so it’s consistent with what’s been printed so far.

So, the basic rules of #LunaEast:

  • You must set your story in Luna East Arts Academy in the present time or recent past
  • Any characters in the story you contribute will become part of the “universe” and can be used by the other writers in their stories (informing the original author of your plans would be polite)
  • Visit the discussion forums or buy the book to see what’s been established in the “universe” so far

What are the plans for #LunaEast?

There will be “official” compilations available in paperback as often as we have the time to do them. Authors who are included in the paperback keep copyright of their work, and have the option of working with ebook distributors to sell their story.

Go, Wolves!

— Mina V. Esguerra